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Acxiom Consulting partners with Mobisy to provide mobile solutions for various platforms and industries. Bizom is a powerful mobile cloud solution optimized to the need of enterprise business owners. Bizom automates your internal processes so you spend less time on data collection, data entry and fixing manual error and more time on increasing your sales. Bizom is simple to use and is optimized for field salesman, middle management and business owners of the enterprises. Bizom is secure on Cloud thus automating your workforce and processes should not mean additional headache of maintaining software or servers or IT teams. Bizom provides you an automation solution through our secure and scalable cloud. Leading enterprises are using Bizom for their field sales automation, so should you!

Van Sales Automation:

Distributors or Company owned warehouses usually struggle to keep track of their inventory changes and sale figures. Salesman and distributor managers spend daily at least 2-3 hours in matching the actual sales done by the salesman in field. Bizom VAN sales automation solution allows your salesman to book sales directly from their own mobile handset it take care of daily routine of salesman from the time they picks up their inventory to warehouse till end of day when they return unsold inventory back to depot. Bizom integrates with variety of ERP, CRM and billing solutions right out of the box. In summary Bizom VAN sales automation takes care of your complete supply chain and billing right from your Manufacturing plant to retain outlet.

Order Management System

Bizom Order management solution allows manufacturers and distributors to track orders and fulfilments directly from the mobile handset of sales representative. In majority of the SMBs we talked to, we realized that order taking is an extremely ad-hoc process with almost no tracking. Majority of data exchange happens over excel sheets with almost no way to cross check the data provided by a field representatives. Bizom order management workflow allows sales rep to capture orders right from their mobile phones. Sales managers can plan and track field salesman activity, set targets and track achievements.
Visibility on inventory and knowledge of previous outlet performance allows salesman to do a better job at sales. Distributors can view, track and fulfil the orders using a simple web based backend. Bizom order management workflow allows you to take complete control of your sales process and improves retailers brand experience.

Attendance Workflow

Bizom’s Attendance workflow helps track attendance of employees on the field. For Enterprises with workforce operating out of multiple geographies attendance verification is a time consuming and laborious process. It involves maintaining sheets and making phone calls. And yet at the end of the month there is dissatisfaction among the employees as well as employers. Bizom Attendance workflow allows on field employees to enter attendance right from the place of deputation using their mobile phones. Location capture enables confirmation of time and place of attendance. Bizom also has feature to enable Approvals for attendance marked by line managers.

Activities Workflow

Bizom’s Activities workflow enables on field sales team to monitor merchandising and do display tracking. It also helps track stock check and other information gathering activities of sales and marketing representatives directly from mobile handsets. Bizom Activities workflow allows on field sales representatives to capture data on merchandising activities. Stock report on own and competitor stock can be captured. Report on POP material and POP displays can be captured. In summary, Bizom’s customizable Activities workflow gives power to your sales and marketing team to track merchandising activities in real-time.

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