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Indian footwear and leather industries are now very prominent industries in the present growth of the economy. With the increase in imports and exports in both the industries the acceptance of standard practices are very essential, thus pushing companies towards modernization and acceptance of state of the art technology for their business processes. Both leather and footwear industries are very labor intensive, in which footwear is the important subset of the leather industry itself. With increase in demand, the complexity of processes and supply chain in this particular industry sector increases which comprises multiple stages and in each and every stage there are loads of data that to be captured and analyzed. Many factors such as reliable supply of resources, good-quality finished leather, and large installed capacities for production of finished leather and footwear are very important for establishment of robust manufacturing design. In addition, several other factors such as large human capital with commendable expertise and technology base, skilled manpower, and relatively low cost labor, also play a vital role in establishing supremacy over the rest.

Benefits of Acxiom Consulting Business solutions:
• Easy configuration of BOM / Routing (for combination of Style, Color, Size etc.)
• Easy processing of sample orders for diverse samples
• Effective tracking of Items with Multiple Units of Measure i.e. sqft, pieces, etc.
• Batch-wise tracking of finished goods and Raw Materials
• Improves Inventory Management and Tracking
• Tracking Resource Productivity analysis
• Reduces Packing and Shipping Time
• Better Management of Operating Expenses
• Auto-computation of production costs of the Finished Merchandise
• Availability of multi-dimensional reports to track the raw material consumption, daily production output, efficiency percentage, and stock inquiry

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