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ERP is an enterprise-wide information system that facilitates the flow of information and coordinates all resources and activities within the business organization. Functions typically supported by the system include manufacturing, inventory, shipping, logistics, distribution, invoicing, and accounting with embed customer relationship management functionality. A wide variety of business activities including sales, marketing, billing, production, inventory management, human resource management, and quality control depend on these systems. The ERP system assists in managing the connections to outside stakeholders as well as enhancing performance management. It uses a centralized database and usually relies on a common computing platform. It provides the user a unified, consistent, uniform environment.

ERP solutions evolved from applications focused on materials requirements and resource planning and computer integrated manufacturing. These new solutions provided functionality that encompassed other applications in addition to manufacturing. As the ERP methodology has become more popular, Acxiom consulting solutions have emerged to help business managers implement ERP into other business activities and may also incorporate modules for CRM and business intelligence and present them as a single unified package.

Acxiom Consulting provides solutions that are focused on financial efficiency, gain insight into business performance and work well together by providing you world class ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamic and SAP.With more than 11 years of experience and expertise in different industries with 100+ clients. Acxiom pioneered and matured the “Money, Material and Resource” conceptual model of business transactions, and has developed a highly successful implementation methodology around the model. This unique implementation methodology developed by Acxiom has over the period become one of the key drivers of the overall success and effectiveness of our implementations.

  • Full implementation services – setup, training, piloting, and coaching you to go live with your new system.
  • Business Process Analysis Consulting service to define your internal workflow processes to better utilize your  back office application.
  • Business Process Analysis Consulting service to define your internal workflow processes to better utilize your back office application.
  • Business solutions based on best and standard practices of an industry.
  • Custom Report Writing – Crystal Reports, Financial Reporting or Report Writer based reports and custom reports as per requirements
  • Follow up services to fine tune your investment with business intelligence solutions, mobile solutions, portal solutions and up-gradation.

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