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The Acxiom Dealer Management System (DMS) is built on Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform. Microsoft Dynamics is a global ERP platform and is the most preferred platform for Hub and Spoke implementation with SAP at the center. This ERP runs online from a central server and all distributors, retailers, warehouses and sales persons connect to the central server and work in real time over secure internet or through WAN links. Sales person, distributor and retailers can use their mobile phones for booking orders, viewing customer ledgers, stock statements and other reports.

Dealer Needs :
  • Unified and streamlined communication with Principle Company for forecasting, ordering and financial settlements
  • Strong control on sales activities and sales persons/ teams
  • Profitability and Throughput analysis per retailer, per region, per sales person
  • Fast and slow moving analysis per product, per retailers, per sales person
  • Bucket-wise aging analysis per invoice, per retailer, per sales person, per region
  • Location-wise visibility in inventory
  • Saleable and non-saleable (Damaged) visibility in inventory
  • Effortless bookkeeping as per Indian requirements
  • Effortless statuary compliances and tax-returns


Key Features of Acxiom DMS
  • Complete ERP solution for dealer with the following modules: CRM and Sales force automation, Sales and
    Receivables, Purchase and Payables, Financial Management with India localization, Warehouse Management,
    Complete Indian Taxation.
  • Retailer Portal: Ability to interact with retailers through web portal and mobile interface in which retailers can book orders, view ledgers and settle claims and pricing issues with distributors
  • Unified Communication system for Distributors: Distributors can place orders, upload SALES FORECASTs, send and receive e-mails, initiate pricing and other workflows with Principle Company. Acxiom also provides a dedicated call center and incident management system for all communication between distributor and Principle Company.
  • Mobile and Devices: The sales person can do van sales, CRM sales activities, Inventory status, ledger status reporting and sales trend reporting through mobile andhand-held devices. The distributor will receive end of
    day MIS on mobiles phones. The retailers can view their ledgers, claims, delivery status through mobile phones.
  • Synchronizes with SAP: Acxiom DMS is built on Microsoft Dynamics platform which connects seamlessly with SAP through various means like Microsoft BizTalk server whichis a standard Microsoft product for SAP and Dynamics integration.

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